Important! Do not use the Bind to Social Media Account method to transfer your OPTS account to another device. There is a bug affecting it with the recent updates, and has been taken down for fixing and will not function if you try to login using your FB/Twitter account. If you have to transfer to another device, make sure to use the One-Time PIN method (and observe its limitations) for now. There will be an announcement when it is up again.

Other bugs affecting gameplay:

  1. Plaza jumping sometimes doesn’t work. If you find that you can’t go to another plaza, the current workarounds are (A) restarting the app, and (B), go to another Island, then choose the same Island you wanted to jump plaza on.
  2. On some Android devices, the shortcut for the OPTS app may have disappeared from where you put it. The app is still on your device, however, so you just have to re-make the shortcut.
  3. Other game crashes and display bugs

There will be a late-night maintenance on 1 November to address some of these problems.

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