10 million quests goal has been hit!

Here is what players will be getting from the free gacha:

Free single pull, that guarantees 1 SA of one of the 4 Pirate Coat units. The 4 new Voiced SA cards* have also been added to the gacha pool — because the 10m quests goal was hit — so you have a chance to get it for free, but not guaranteed.

In the remaining campaign period (ending 19 Apr 23:59), every subsequent 1-million quest count will earn every player 1 Rainbow Coin, for up to 5 Rainbow Coins, as a gift.

(* The earlier post had this bonus mistranslated as guaranteed new SA. According to the new tweet, it is now clear that new SAs were originally not included in the free gacha at all, and hitting 10m quests means the new SAs will be “added to the gacha pool” and not “added to the guaranteed”. Sorry for the mistake! The notice isn’t very clear, and Japanese players are also still discussing it. This is our interpretation and we’ll update if we find out more.)

At the same time, OPTS Line Account has hit its 1st year anniversary today, so all players will get 5 Rainbow Coins as a login bonus.

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