Alliance / 同盟

Known as guild or clan in other games, in OPTS you can be part of an alliance.


To unlock Alliance, you need to have watched the Prologue (プロローグ) of the Punk Hazard (パンクハザード) stage.


Players can create and become leaders of their own alliance or join one by searching the alliance ID. Note that, there are age restrictions applied to alliances, if you cannot join one, it is most likely due to your age.

Creating an alliance

When you create an alliance you choose the name and description. The alliance policy is a drop down with “Beginners welcome”, “Casual”, “Event-driven (/Competitive)”, and “High-rank players only” respectively.


Note that if your alliance has less than 3 active members, it will be disbanded automatically. A member is considered inactive if they do not login for 14 days. Any alliance points (AP) given to the disbanded alliance will not be returned.

If the alliance leader is inactive, the leadership will automatically be passed to a member.


Alliance Points (AP)

You can get a maximum of 10 AP a day from playing quests.

AP is used to rank up an alliance. The higher an alliance rank, the more members it can have.

2016y04m25d_193613778-300x144Click on this button to contribute your AP

Alliance Ban

If you quit an alliance, you cannot join another one for the next 240 hours. If you were removed from an alliance, the alliance ban is 72 hours instead.

Benefits of Alliance

Currently, the only benefit of an alliance is ease of communication. There is an alliance bulletin board and a chat channel for alliance in-game. The character limit is rather too low for English speakers (but is perfectly reasonable for Japanese). Any additional alliance functions in the future will be updated in this post.


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  1. Mark says:

    Well, while creating an alliance, what do the three boxes mean?

  2. itsToye says:

    Have there been any updates to the alliance features?

  3. Hyde says:

    Will we have alliance wars?

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