One Piece Thousand Storm Guide OPTS English guides, translations and help for Japan server


Coming Soon…! (JP server)

Coming Fame Rush event in February will feature Shanks with a new costume and possible new EX SA. With thanks to Japanese players sharing their VJump scans. OPTS reserves the right to change the...


Global Server This Week 18/2

SA video(s) can be found on: Event Post on Japan Server (old-age Sengoku costume not released for global server) Reasons to Pull This is Fujitora’s 2nd SA and it’s a good upgrade to the first...


February Maintenance

There will be maintenance on 23 February 2017 10:00~17:00 (ending time subject to change), for updates. Players will have to update their app version after the maintenance. Check here for the update preview.


Character Select (Step-Up) Gacha Part 2

14 February 15:00 ~ 18 February 14:59 Pick-Up Char/SA: Big Mom: Croquembou~~che! Luffy: Gomu Gomu no Kong Organ Judge: Denji Shaft Vergo: Onigireta Vergo Character Select Gacha will feature only the 4 Pick-Up SAs...


Character Select (Step-Up) Gacha Part 1

10 February 15:00 ~ 14 February 14:59 Pick-Up Char/SA: Akainu: Daifunka Ace: Kyoukaen Hancock: Homing Slave Arrow NW Law: Todesdoppel Character Select Gacha will feature only the 4 Pick-Up SAs and the skill cards...


February Update Preview

Several updates are coming in the February maintenance: 1. Increased Compatibility with iPhoneX The game will be patched to become more compatible with iPhoneX’s screen size. 2. Removal of Multi-Window Compatibility on Android Devices...

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